Nyminty City

Capital of the region

1. The castle is home to the Regent Lews Therin Telamon and young Queen-in-Waiting Naevys Silverwell.

2. Shearpoint tower is a guard lookout tower.

3. The wizard college, where Reginald is mocked.

4. Askar's tower is where some more senior wizards stay.

5. Church of the Martyred one, Aurom, or Saint Rozencrantz.

6. Customs and Taxation office.

7. Fergus estate, owned by one of the most wealthy families in Nyminty.

8. House of Corvan Estate, another wealthy family.

9. War college is where the city guard train.

10. King's Market is the square outside of the keep where a market is traditionally held every Sunday.

Nyminty City

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